pixel gun 3d guide

Pixel Gun 3D is a very easy and interesting game and all games are played so that you can win. Now there are some tricks and techniques that you must follow to play the game effectively. As there are lots of activities, shooting to be done and killings to be made, you must know the tips to survive, kill and proceed ahead with the game. Remember, the game is more enjoyable when it is played in the multiplayer mode rather than by a single player. Killings, aiming and ratio of kills are increased to a great extent when you play the game in multiplayer mode.

The irony in Pixel Gun 3D is that during the opening of the server it is labeled ‘No Killing’ which is done hoping to lure and find naïve and weak players. Do not fall into the trap as you will find during playing the game that your opponents are doing just the opposite. It is better to be in the Red team when you are playing Co-op in the Parkor City. The benefit of being in the Red team is that this team can spawn inside a brick building which provides an easy camping access to the spawn point on the top of the roof of the Blue Team and build your own spawn point.

While you are using the blue team’s roof top spawn point as you camp site in Pixel Gun 3D, you can easily pick off players one by one and do the killings. However, remember to leave the spawn point as soon as possible when you end up winding on the Blue team. This will avoid the risk of being spawn killed repetitively.There is another thing you must remember when you reach the Mafia mansion to avoid the stairway glitch. You can achieve this easily if you move your character with half their body on the steps and half off it to the top so that they can drop down with half their body on the wall until they have full access to the house. Remember that this only works in the set of stairs to the left.

The basic principle of Pixel Gun 3D game is to move on while you shoot and win. So, simply aim, shoot, kill and move on. You can use the rocket jump technique to propel your players high above the ground to achieve great height sin the game’s map. This technique is very helpful and can be used in every map but can only work if you have Anti-gravity Blaster or a nuclear launcher. Apocalypse 3000, Grenade launcher, Armageddon and firestorm G2 can also enable you to achieve the technique.

Resources play a major role in the game as you will need weapons to kill your enemies and weapons do not come cheap. You can use Pixel Gun 3d hack tool to generate more coins than you need and buy your required weapon. There is a website named pixelgun3dcheatshub.com contains various tricks and tips for the game, you can go for it too. Apart from that there are several other activities which can provide you with a lot of resources. Once you have enough, spend it wisely and buy so that you have a considerable amount in hand always.

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